December 15, 2014

Please visit my website for an experience that I hope will be interesting to you. The Domain came from a men’s meeting where a revival meeting was mentioned at a local church here in Fayetteville, Georgia. I remembered this being mentioned a few days later at 6:15 PM and the meeting began at 7:00PM. In this moment decided I would attended this revival meeting, it was the evening of November 6, 2006. Sitting in the back rows of the church I read Ephesians Chapter One before the meeting began. I got to verse Ephesians 1:13 in the New American Standard Bible and in this verse I noted “message of truth”, “the gospel of your salvation”. I thought to the Lord, could “message of truth” be an available internet domain? It was available! I acquired the domain that very evening at around 9:00 PM. Upon returning to my home and getting before my computer immediately I went to my domain provider and acquired this internet domain

If you visit go to Navigation on the left and select “About MOTBN” then scroll to the bottom of the page and note the Registered Trademarks for Message Of Truth Broadcasting Network, Inc. You will see the Trademark for Message Of Truth purchased for all of Us John 17:21. Then if you select the “Music Tab” on the menu bar and then select the “dot com Gospel Song” you will hear or read this “Traveling at Laser Speed In Cyber Space In The Advent Of The Digital Age” This is also expressed  as “Traveling In Cyber Space At Laser Speed In The Advent Of The Digital Age”.  You can hear this gospel song “dot com Gospel Song” in the key of Am Guitar or in the key of C Ukulele. I liked playing this song in both genres so I recorded them both.  Bobby Fuhrman

December 12, 2014 select Archives on the left of the home page — Select March 2009 and scroll down to March 9, 2009 where you will see the photograph of Lake Louise and read “Reflection Of Faith”. This is a short story I wrote about what God did for my father during the last week of his 91 plus years.

Lake Louise, Alberta Candad

“Message Of Truth” John 3:16-21 Let us be “Light In The World” “For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that who ever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life”.

Kilauea Light House Alone