September 5, 2014  I am a retired airline Captain and since retiring in October of 2005 I have had the Blessing of being the Founder of for all of “Us” John 17:21  Bobby Fuhrman

Message Of Truth Broadcasting Network, Inc. i.e. MOTBN, Inc. If you are telling someone about Jesus you are broadcasting. This all started from a men’s group in November 2006 and with the help of my Web-designer Joe Domaleski of AIS Solutions Group here in Peachtree City, Georgia. This began before Smart Phones and Hand Held Devices. What fun with God, “Traveling In Cyber Space At Laser Speed In The Advent Of The Digital Age. “You know I used to reach out to God at altitude in my commercial airliner, now I can do this here in the comfort of my office in front of my computer.

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